We are becoming a proud member of UK Ports
We announce our membership of the prestigious organization UK Ports.
STROS - Sedlčanské strojírny Becomes a Proud Memberof UK Ports, a Leading Trade Organization in the Maritime Industry
STROS - Sedlčanské strojírny, a global leader in construction elevators and lifting technology, is delighted to announce its membership in the prestigious organization UK Ports. This significant milestone marks a new path for STROS, one filled with innovation and growth within the maritime industry.
UK Ports - A Leading Trade Organization Supporting a Wide Range of Industries
UK Ports are a leading trade organization whose mission is to support and represent a broad spectrum of industries connected with ports and the maritime sector. Their activities encompass supporting free ports, marine, renewables, maritime shipping, training, transport, research, and the promotion of sustainable technologies, including hydrogen, which has the potential to significantly impact the future of the maritime industry.
STROS and Its Industrial Elevators for the Maritime Industry
For STROS, membership in UK Ports presents an exceptional opportunity. Our industrial elevators are specially designed for transporting crane operators and servicing cranes in ports. This technology plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of ports, enabling quick and safe cargo handling and ensuring reliability in the maritime industry.
Expectations from Membership in UK Ports
With our membership in UK Ports, we have the opportunity to engage in new projects and collaborate on innovations that will enhance maritime infrastructure. We are committed to bringing our expertise and technologies, which are key elements for the efficient and sustainable development of ports.
Join Us in London!
We are excited to announce that our representatives will be actively participating in the UK Ports Conference, scheduled for November 23, 2023, in London. This event promises to be a fantastic opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and shaping the future of port infrastructure.
In Conclusion
STROS - Sedlčanské strojírny is thrilled about this membership in UK Ports and believes that together withth is prestigious organization, we will open new doors for innovation and growth in the maritime industry. Stay tuned for further updates regarding our collaboration with UK Ports and our ndustrial elevators, which play a pivotal role in themodernization of ports worldwide.