New dispatch hall
In September 2019, the construction of a new "dispatch hall" began and the opening took place on May 21, 2020.
A new hall, which is used for the preparation and subsequent loading of lorries and containers for international and sea transport, was handed over to the dispatch centre this year.
It's a fully functional, prefabricated and heated structure with sufficient lighting, which creates a pleasant work environment. Automatic air shafts, which ensure adequate ventilation and the maintenance of a stable climate, are located in the hall roof. Another advantage of this hall is its passability, which is ensured by remotely controlled gates. It's situated in the vicinity of the production hall, which minimises the need to transport finished products.
The hall is equipped with a bridge crane, with a load capacity of 8,000 kg and clearance of 11 m, which ensures that even oversized loads can be manipulated. The crane includes digital scales for determining the weight of the carried load.
The hall also includes a hydraulic ramp, which allows for the loading and unloading of closed containers using a forklift truck.
Undoubtedly, a major advantage of the dispatch hall is its loading self-sufficiency, thanks to which the restriction of production premises during loading was eliminated.
We looked forward to the hall, and now we finally have it.

Jaroslav Kraus
Dispatch Manager