product training
Individuální školení 
We take a personalized approach to each customer and based on their needs we can provide training at the place of installation or at our in-house training facility.
We can provide:

  • training of operators, technicians, hoist supervisors on inspectors
  • training of new customers
  • periodic or one-off training of our equipment users
  • supplying trained personnel with relevant documentation and a personal certificate

We train not only new customers, but also equipment users. Based on your inquiry we will set up a training course tailored to your needs. A course typically takes one to three days depending on its program. Customers having bought a new piece of equipment are trained free of charge and their lodging and board are also covered. Courses take place in our training facility and at the test towers in our main production hall, with practical demonstrations. A certificate is provided to the trainees that says they have been trained in servicing STROS equipment.
If you are interested, contact your regional dealer.
phone: +420 318 842 374